Zinedine Zidane to manage Manchester United

Former arsenal boss speaks loudly of his fellow French man and friends stating Zidane would be back in the management after leaving Madrid.
Zinedine Zidane continually turns up speculation regarding a possible role in Manchester United and Arsene Wenger is of the view Zidane should take on the role.
While telling beIN Sports: “Yes, why not? If you want to work at the top, it has to be England nowadays.
“But there are many uncertainties with Brexit and the uncertainty: will the Premier League continue to dominate financially? We’ll know soon.
“England is the only country with six clubs that can fight for the championship.
“In all the other countries basically you can say in December who will win the championship and there are some countries, like France, where you can say it in September.”
Arsene Wenger further added how his friend and fellow French man would be falling beneath the high spot light of the Spanish giants Real Madrid.
“He’s in a very difficult position, he’s been in the biggest club in the world, and he can only go to the second biggest club in the world,” Wenger added.
“That means he is in front of something, or I go for a long-term project and I go to a different aspect of my job, and I want to be involved in building up a club.
“Or I go straight away again to a team that can compete, that can win the Champions League again. That won’t be easy, personally.
“In his case, I would go for a different aspect of my job.”
Wenger is also in the market for a new post at present.
He saw a 22-year reign at Arsenal brought to a close over the summer and has been heavily linked with possible openings at AC Milan and Bayern Munich.
Wenger seems to also be in the market for a position presently. After a 22 reign in Arsenal was brought to an end by summer he is now been linked to an opening at Ac Milan and Bayern Munich.

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