David Luiz Embrace Public Criticism

David luiz

The Chelsea defender David Luiz had a sealing goal against Manchester City as an answer to his critics. He also mentioned that negative comments are just part of the job.
David Luiz has confirmed his acceptance of critics to his performance as is place of play in Chelsea. The premier league defender had also confirmed it’s part of the job.
Due to his performance with Tottenham Hotspurs, David Luiz’s role with the team was questioned, raising statements of his functional play with the team.
“I know what it means to play for a big club,” he told Chelsea’s official website. “Big clubs it’s like that: if you win, everything is good. If you lose, it’s your fault, especially defenders and goalkeepers.
“Strikers never lose games… we have to be honest and say that.
“We have to accept that in the right way, in an intelligent way. It was good to play against a fantastic team, keep the clean sheet and have a great game.”
“It’s never easy to play against City,” the 31-year-old added.
“They are synchronised, they have three years together, so they know what they have to do.When you press high and if you’re able to come out of this pressure, after you have a lot of space to enjoy.
“It was a team with humility, but also a team with the right planning.
“It was a bad result against Wolves. We’re happy because we did great against the best team in the league. I think it can give us a lot of confidence.”

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