Football skills for beginners with ease

Football skills for beginners ease

Football skills for beginners

I guess you would agree with me if I say soccer is the heart of sports and has found a way to bind the man race and as the most porpular sport in the world more and more people get involved with it daily and knowing the right football skills is the best option you can have.

Knowing when to dribble, how to dibble as well as when not to dribble are all important football skill along side speed and agility, control and passes, goal scoring and so on. When you have good tricks or skills under your sleeves you can successfully push through a number of people and make space you can work with when choked up.

Football skills for beginners with ease1. I would be starting with my personal favorite, the body Feint, this football skill is most used by the 5 times world best, Lionel Messi and other Legendary players like J.J okocha, Ronaldinho and so on. This skill is the most deceiving football skill of all simply because when mastered you turn into a master of illusion.

The law of body feint/swerve states that when you move left you are actually going right and when going right you are going left. When improved, a player could be taking a left swerve and end up taking a right just to further take another right swerve which would end up with a move to the left ending up displacing his or her opponent.

2. Step Over/Leg Over: also another legendary move, used by another 5 times world best Christiano Ronaldo, and one of legend Ronaldinho, Delima Ronaldo most used football skill.

This skill is one done mostly when the ball is at a close range and secured, something’s stationed and other times on the move. The goal is to displace your opponent so much that an opening is made for you to run through.

3. Roulette spin or the 360.
Popularly know through legends Maradona and Zidane, the 360 or twister or Roulette is done on the move and majorly effective when your opponent charges against you. It happens so quick when perfected you leave you opponents dazzled.


Note to become a pro at soccer and exhibiting this football skills, for beginners and pros as well, a set out time has to be made where self training would be conducted and having a personal relationship with the ball to achieve this skills on imaginary opponents before putting it to use on real opponents in training and games.

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