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Not too long ago in a not too far location or Norway two bright men, Henrik Elvestad and Johan Golden created a rather crafty way of playing soccer in the year 2011, apparentlythe rules and regulations of the game remained same(score your opponent) but extra equipments were added to the game gears and kit and it got named bubble soccer.

Bubble soccer equips it’s player with inflated torus which is quite similar to a zorb. This gives the game an even more interesting aspect. Like the mucking post and 5 aside which could also be termed as elder siblings to bubble soccer, it gets to play as many or few players selected either in an indoor space or an outdoor field.

Despite being a competitive game that looks into a side defeating the other the most important rule of the game is putting on and playing with an inflated bubble, similar to a water ball around the upper part of the body which also covers the head along side.

Bubble soccer started gaining grounds after the show Golden Goal aired the game. It became a thing in the UK through Lee Moseley and has been gaining world recognition and increase in players since then.

  • There are loads of scenarios of playing the game:
    1. Bubble Bowling
    2. Bubble sumo
    3. Bulldog
    4. VIP or Protect VIP

With so much ground gained, the bubble soccer first ever World Cup held May 2018, in Shoreditch, London with the finals at Wembley.

To get a Bubble Soccer practice near by just run a local search and build your own team with your friends today.

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