Jose Mourinho reacts to Cristiano Ronaldo hat-trick




The Manchester United boss, Jose Mourinho praised Cristiano Ronaldo on his “special matches” skills. Morinho have kudos to the Portuguese striker staying here is a man for special matches considering his previous delivery at his club side Madrid and the great treble delivered against Spain, dragging the score board to a 3-3 goal tie on Friday.

RonaldosRonaldos 3rd goal was a free kick that came in at the late hour of the game, the ball finding the back of the net became a deal breaker for the Spanish national, causing them to lose a spot at the top of the to of there group, Group B.

While at Real Madrid, Mourinho managed Ronaldo for a season, and was highly delighted of Ronaldo.
“He knew. He knew and that’s what I really admire in some players and he is a great example,” said Mourinho in his role as a pundit for Russia Today.

“There are players for some matches, there are players for every matches and there are players for special matches. And the players for special matches are the ones.

“His [free-kick] record lately is not the best, I think for every free-kick he takes in the national team, he is not scoring as much as he did for Manchester United and for the first years in Real Madrid.

“But this one is the critical one, this one is a crucial point, it can affect the self-esteem, the self-confidence, the way to appear in the next two matches, the rivalry, what it means for Portuguese people who is at home. And he has this little touch, this little feeling and the goal is fantastic.”

David de Gea made a costly mistake which enuabled Ronaldos treble. At the late moments of the second half Ronaldos shot deflected into the goal post. A silly mistake which happened through Gea’s glove and putting the Portuguese national ahead of the game.

“He’s my boy,” said United manager Mourinho. “It hurts me to say but he knows, he knows, it’s a bad mistake. But that happens to the best, the good thing with the best is he will be there next match, not afraid.”

Morinho concluded with an overall veiw of the game with him thinking Diego Costas sub at the second half would perform expediently as costs did and score extra two goals.
“For me there was a game with Diego Costa and a game without Diego Costa – the game changed.

“I don’t think the game was perfect. I don’t think either team was able to be dominant for 90 minutes, I think some of the goals are some goals that make us want to not sleep.”

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