Man United need to do massive clear out to match City

Manchester United finished second last season with 19 points behind title winner and neighbours, Manchester City. This was in Jose Mourinho second season at the club. Despite always having a record of not going trophyless in in second season in charge of a club, this happened for the first time in his career.

Depending on which way you view United season either as an improvement on the previous one which they finished sixth or as one which they finished so far away from the winner that you will not believe they even lost out in the champions league round of 16 against Sevilla. Several football predictions couldn’t see that one coming. But this showed once again how difficult it is to advance in the Champions League.

United as the richest club in the world should be doing far better than they did last season and they have to show their fans and investors that there is only one UNITED. To achieve this, lot of changes have to start coming in place. Massive clear out at the club has to happen this summer.

The most important part this has to start from is the back line. United can’t boost of a defender that is close to the class of the likes of Ferdinard, Neville, VIdic or Evra when they were still at Old Trafford. This says a lot about how poor United are.

Looking at how Jose Mourinho set up his team to have the like of Ashley Young and Antonio Valencia flank is full back position shows that more have to come from the team. The two players have dropped drastically and this is due to age and many other factors.

United have no adequate replacement for them if they are to be out for a long spell. It should be top of Jose’s plan for this summer looking at how the game has gone in a way whereby full back has more duty in a game than just defending the old school way.

Going for players like Danny Rose and Alexandre_Arnold will help fit into that kind of game that Jose will want to play. This is what the club should be planning for. The possible arrival of Toby Alderweireld from Tottenham will be one of the best signing for United center defence. This will put them on per with City and can confidently say they are good to go from the back line.

The good news is that United are recruiting well in midfield with the arrival of Fred which will add to the quality in depth they have with the likes of Pogba, Herrera and Matic. The front line has all the right mix in terms of energy, speed and technicality. It is however not going to be the best option to let Antonio Martial go. It is best to find a common ground between him and Jose.

If United sort out their defence line, they will be good to go. Jose Mourinho is in his make or mar season at United and this will not only determine his United career but also his coaching career going forward. According to most of the Premier League odds chances are high the Mancunians will try to lift the trophy by the end of the season.

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