Brendan Rodgers reacts to Double Treble

It can be said that Brendan Brendan Rodgers has played a key role in the placement of Celtic in football history just as the Heroes and legends before him did. Only this time the Hoops got a manager who did more in accomplishing what had not been done before in the football history, basically we can say that Brendan Rodgers has written the present set a record and changed the history books.

On Brendan Rodgers initial sign into the Celtic football club, Brendan Rodgers wasted no time in going after the Double Treble, which he accomplished stunningly using each Hoops strength to gain success and rendering weakness useless. Rodgers accomplishment with the Hoops has set the record straight making Brendan Rodgers a record breaker and setter.

With great joy the Hoops were joined with a number of fans, 15,000 as Brendan Rogders and his men returned in an open top bus celebrating the Scottish Cup lifting. After a back to back sweep the Hoops had to be celebrated in style and not forgetting Brendan Rodgers role and a double celebration placement couldn’t be seen afar off. It was scene not to forget as the season itself is memorable.

Lifting trophies, breaking records and setting paces is a great deal but the joy of fellow Celtic supporters was the drive home for Brendan Rodgers as he couldn’t place the fulfilment through the joy on their faces.

“Last year felt like a dream, winning the treble in my first season. And this season was just remarkable really and historical,” he told the Celtic View celebratory Double Treble special edition.

“For me, it’s seeing the happiness of everyone else. People ask what it means to me but I grew up as a Celtic supporter and seeing what it means to people gives me the joy – seeing children, women and men, granddads and grandparents, all smiling and being so happy and being on the streets.

“That gives me the joy, as does the happiness of the players, knowing they’ve achieved something and added something more to their profile, and that’s ultimately what I’m here to do.

“It was a really special day for everyone. It was a great day for Celtic. You think of the whole history of this great football nation, players and managers, and to be the first team to do it back-to-back is a phenomenal achievement.

“My thoughts are more with the supporters, the players, all the staff and the board that brought me in a couple of years ago. I’m so happy for them that they can really enjoy this. It’s for the supporters. We can be nothing but inspired by the Celtic support and their commitment to us – wherever we go, they’re always there. To give them a day like that, and overall a moment in history, gives me the real satisfaction.

“This is something we’ll never forget. Saturday, May 19, 2018, was the day Celtic created football history in Scotland. I’m very proud and privileged to be the manager here at this time and now we’ll have a few weeks rest to go and enjoy it.”

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