The World takes sides as Segio Ramos gets criticized for Mo Salahs Champions League Final injury

Segio Ramos criticized for bad tackle against Mo Salah,

Sergio Ramos and Mo Salah locked in tackle during the champions league final.
Following Real Madrid clash with Liverpool during the Champions League final, Sergio Ramos García and Mo Salah were locked in a tragic tackle which led to an unprompted ending for Salah just at the early half of the game. This incidence caused a wild rant amongst individuals with criticism been channeled to Ramos over his actions.


The European Judo Union didn’t stay back in criticizing Ramos as they reacted to Ramos tackle as a take down which wouldn’t be allowed in their game. It’s one that’s obviously dangerous showing the extent of damage implied on the victim in this case being Salah a Footballer and not a fighter.
At first, it didn’t look much as a strong tackle until looked at from a closer view and side, Ramos and Salah got locked in a tackle for the ball where the Spanish defender pulled is opponent and counterpart to the ground before turning on and laying on Salah’s hand causing a dislocated shoulder and Salah been forced out of the game with tears running down his eyes. This tackle just could affect Salah participation in the world cup putting thing s at a very serious doubt for the Liverpool and Egyptian forward.
“So divisive has the tackle been, fans have set up a petition calling for Ramos to be punished, which currently has over 300,000 signatures, while an Egyptian lawyer has launched a €1 billion (£873m/$1.2bn) lawsuit against the centre-back.“
The European Judo Union pulled a petition asking for Ramos move to be termed illegal and further more band from their circles.
“Waki-gatame is a dangerous technique,” they wrote on Twitter. “That’s why it’s not allowed in Judo to use for transition to ne-waza. What do you think about this foul yesterday evening in the #UCLFinal between #RMALIV.”
The Egyptian forward will however continue to receive treatment for his injury in Spain, as the Egyptian Football Association has confirmed that Salah bids to be fit for Russia and works towards it as he proclaims his healing with positive vibes and strength.
Egypt is to face the world cups hosts Russia, Saudi Arabia and Uruguay in Group A.

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