Messi becomes Europes top scorer for the fifth time

Messi, with 34 goals to his name this season in the LaLiga brought him the award for top scorer in Europe for the fifth time.
Messi being a goal getter, sets another record. While finishing the LaLiga Messi had already score 34 goals for his team which gave him not just the pichichi but also the number spot for the top scorer in Europe. This marks the fifth time Leo Messi takes up the title allowing him break and as well set a record. The Barcelona number 10 finished with 2 goals ahead of Liverpool’s Mohammed Salah making it the second successive season to take on the title and the first player to win it no less than five times.

Since 2009/10 Messi has been topping the goal scoring ranks in Europe, he made a total of 34 goals that season, and come 2011/12 he scored a jaw dropping amount of 50 goals. A season later he took the nutch up in spirit and scored another 46 goals and last season he scored 37. Messi’s constency has left him standing on with the top and best scorers in Europe for the last 9 year with him finishing 1 or 2 in the last 8 years.

In total Messi has made a total of 45 goals in all competition, 34 goals in the league, 6 goals in the Champions League, 4 in the Copa del Rey and 1 in the Spanish Super Cup, making a total of 45 goals in 54 appearance. Furthermore, he has produced 17 assists, his 12 in LaLiga more than any other player in the ccmpetitions

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