Brendan Rodgers Side Ready to Take Home Double Treble

The Hoops are at the final chapter of the season as the final approaches. Brendan Rodgers side is to take on Motherwell at Hampden for the Scottish Cup. Brendan Rogders has come this far having a splendid season thus far. Never the less a second place won’t be enough for the Scottish giants as the plan is to make history by lifting the Scottish Cup at the end of the season. It would be an outstanding closing to the season as it would be the first time in the history of the club to make a double treble and also in the Scottish history.
Both Brendan Rodgers and Stephen Robinson’s side would be clashing at the national Stadium which seems to be of great favor to the Celts. The Hoops had enjoyed great wins at this particular venue under Brendan Rodgers which includes the victory over Steelman in the league cups final earlier this season.
Stephen Robinson and his men wouldn’t take it easy against the Celts as they also intend on taking home the trophy. They’ve been a tough play through the season and when they clashed with the Bhoys as well.
Brendan Rodgers added: “They’re a big threat. Stephen’s done a brilliant job with them. They’ve got to two finals and that alone tells you the great job that he’s done. This is a team that test you physically and they are always a difficult opponent. We aren’t preparing for an easy game. We will be preparing for a tough game.”
He added: “We’ve played Motherwell a number of times this season, and that period of games has helped. Preparing for the final is different. Players are thinking differently but we’ll anticipate a really tough game.

“Stephen’s done a great job with them and they’ll give you that physical test which you have to cope with and then play your own game.”
Branden Rodgers and the Bhoys how ever are not ready to sit in second place nor lose out on making history.
The manager said: “It’s a game that we’re looking forward to. It’s slightly different coming into it this year. Having what the players experienced last year, it’s a little bit more relaxed but we will be focused on our performance. It’s another great opportunity for us.
“I think it’s a different feeling this time. Last year we had the unbeaten season in the league and the cups, and it was the first time the treble was won for a number of years. Those experiences help you. The players have been absolutely brilliant this season. One of things they’ve been very good at is that professional attitude and mentality.
“We know the magnitude of the game. It’s a great chance for us, great opportunity and we’ll prepare now for what’ll be a tough game.”
He added: “We’ll try to focus on performing well. Of course, the bigger picture of it gives you a chance and another opportunity to write another chapter in the wonderful history of this club. We’ve added to that story and we want to do that again at the weekend.”

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