Goalkeepers, the back-bone of futbol, literally. Across different sports where goals are scored someone is usually kept behind to save the day when all hope is lost, such individual is not more than the magical goalkeepers. Over time and in different sport the goalkeepers have been termed differently, the goaltender, the netminder, the goalie or just the keeper this doesn’t change the sole purpose and intent of the primary function of the keeper; Goalkeeping.

Haven established the obvious, stating that the primary function of a goalkeeper; which is to stop any penetration of the ball into the goal net. This football association enables special rules to bind the goalkeeper to achieving his or her duties. Part of this rules includes the use of hands, the wearing of gloves to protect the keepers’ hands and enhance their grip of the ball and a distinct jersey different from his or her teammates so they become easily identified by the referee, they are also allowed to wear additional protective gear such as padded clothing and like every player on the pitch also, they are required to wear shin guards and so on among other kits. This also brings certain restrictions to the keeper as he or she is prevented from using the privilege of using his hands outside his penalty box.

All kits and rules are not enough to favor the keeper against grave attacks from skilled strikers and opponents in other words to attain great skills, goalkeepers consistently face rigorous goalkeeping drills, stiff enough to beat a real game’s experience.

One visible thought that hits my mind is how most of the time the quality of a keeper is also his height. Goal keepers are rendered usually the tallest players on the pitch as they need to fit a physical feature in order to attain some necessary qualification including space coverage and diving. Though being a goalkeeper isn’t the most thought of slot among individuals to fill in a team but it’s one of the most tasking if not the most tasking position in a match.

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