Pep Guardiola hopes for Perfection against Liverpool


Manchester City’s boss Pep Guardiola by himself confirmed his team would be needing to play as much as a ‘perfect game’ in other to turn the fortune over to his teams favor and against Liverpool in the Champions League.

The first leg between Manchester City and Liverpool wasn’t pleasing to City has they suffered and epic loose at Anfield with the score board reading 3 goals to nothing. Has the Etihad stadium gets ready to host both teams to the play off for the Champions League final 4, Pep also expects an all-out play from his team, if it happens that Peps men were to conceive a goal they would need to score 5 times to win a slot in the final 4.

Pep knowing what he has to face had these to say;

“To go through you have to make the perfect game,” the Spaniard said in his pre-match press conference on Monday.

“We need to create chances and concede few chances, and the chances we receive (against) we have to defend well.

“We have 90 minutes and anything can happen. All we are going to do is try.

“We will think about how many goals we score after we get the first one.”

City’s Midfielder Fernandinho did take the task upon himself and other senior players of the team to elevate City back from its recent back-to-back defeat for the first time this season.

Both games lost followed each other consequently. As Peps side lost against Manchester United in an unexpected come back by United at the second half from 2 goals down and the Anfield disgrace against Liverpool.

“It was a tough week for us, two defeats in a week but that’s in the past already,” said the Brazilian.

“Our focus is on the second leg against Liverpool and the only way to play good football is to be positive.

“Now’s the time for experienced players to take over and take charge. Of course we know two defeats are not easy but that happens to the best teams in the world.

“What we have done this season is amazing and we have a chance to go through in the Champions League. It won’t be easy.

“They (Liverpool) are a team who fight for the ball and try to keep the players in the middle but we will be ready for tomorrow’s game.”

Guardiola was asked whether his side’s mental state had been affected by their last two results.

“I don’t know but if we are not able to cope with that psychologically it will be a good lesson for the future. It is a test, football like life is a challenge,” he added.

“We have 90 minutes plus extra time and what we have shown this year – even in the last game – we can create a lot of chances in the last few minutes.”

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