‘beautiful’ Cristiano Ronaldo double against Juventus

Football is now more trilling than ever even as more records are been set and broken just be reset, Cristiano Ronaldo received a warm round of applause from the fans of Juventus following his remarkable second goal strike.

The Real Madrid boss, Zinedine Zidane reacted to the goal describing Cristiano Ronaldo as “one of the most beautiful players in the history of football”.

Ronaldo also did set another record Tuesday night as he became the first player to score in 10 successive Champions League games as he successfully delivered goals twice for his home team Real Madrid in the 3-0 win quarter-final first leg.

The second goal scored at the 64th minute is definitely something for the books as Ronaldo charged a strike in the air beating Gianluigi Buffon with a superb overhead kick.

Juventus fans stood in attention to applaud such an effort, and Real Madrid head coach Zidane said: “You can say he’s one of the most beautiful players in the history of football.

“He shows every time that he is a special player. He always wants to do great things in the Champions League and he never gets tired of doing it, that’s his great quality.

“Cristiano is in good form at the moment. His team-mates are very happy with him. We need to enjoy tonight, but then think about the hard work ahead of next week because Juve won’t give up.”

Like that wasn’t enough Ronaldo had a second goal with such skill and capacity, Zidane was left shaking his head in disbelief.

“I don’t know if Cristiano’s goal is the best in the history of football, but it’s certainly an extraordinary goal,” said Juventus boss Massimiliano Allegri. “You can only congratulate him for what he’s doing at present.

“However, I am disappointed about the third goal, because at that point we still could have turned the tie in the second leg. Now it will be impossible.”

At the 72nd minute the 3rd goal was scored by Marcelo for Madrid, not too long after the referee awarded Dybala his 2nd yellow card prompting him off the pitch.

Both teams would be having the return leg which will be taking place at the Bernabeu on Wednesday, April 11, when veteran Juventus goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon could make his final appearance in the competition.

He says he was not surprised of such a sublime finish which Ronaldo produce.

“At his best? No, I think he was the usual Ronaldo. Messi and he can be compared to Maradona and Pele for what they have been doing season after season,” he said.

“We made a few mistakes, but it can happen when you face the best.

“We feel a real sense of disappointment because we probably won’t qualify. That’s a real shame, but against some teams you have to be calm and congratulate them, because objectively they’re a stronger side.”


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