Brendan Rodgers, Hoops to Continue Unbeaten Run


Brendan Rodgers and his Bhoys at training

The Bhoys would be clashing with rangers come Sunday at Ibrox. Following an exciting end to past 8 meetings between this two teams, things has been in favor for the Hoops as Brendan Rodgers and the Celts have thus far had 6 wind and 2 draws making it an unbeaten run off 8 matches. Brendan Rodgers however intend on increasing it to 9 during their next match. Once accomplished it would make an additional win to the previous 3 at Ibrox.

Although, Brendan Rodgers side is topping the league it’s of importance he wins this match so to clear up 9 points lead on the Premiership table then further focus on the outstanding match. The rangers to play against Celts is always a game Brendan and his Bhoys enjoy and they waist no time to train for the forth coming match at Lennoxtown.

Reports from lennoxtown today holds that the Brendan Rodgers said: “We’re really looking forward to it. These are always great games to be involved in, and I’ve been lucky enough to have been involved in eight of them now. It’s a game that excites us, it’s a real good challenge and we’re focused on performing well.

“In these types of games, it doesn’t really matter if you’re playing well or not going into them. They always bring out a different emotion in players and emotion from the stands, so like we’ve seen before, sometimes the form goes out the window.

“But there’s no doubt that Rangers have found a little bit more consistency in their game and they’ve got some good players, but there are different pressures for both teams going into this game.

“We want to win the game, and we’ll focus very much on our performance. Rangers need to win the game and that is different. It’s a different psychology going into it, in relation to that, so for us, we’ll focus on our team, on how we play and look to go there and do what we’ve done before, which is play really good football, dominate the game, defend well and hopefully win.”

“They will feel that pressure and I think now, with their run of form, it’s been pretty evident that they expect to win,” he said. “There’s an expectancy, and when that’s there, then that brings a different pressure, so for them, they must win the game.

“For us, we want to win it and we’ll do everything we possibly can, like in all the games we’ve had against Rangers and the other teams, to go and get the victory.

“Either way, after the game there’s still a lot of football left for all the teams, but we’ll really concentrate on going and taking on the challenge and the opportunity to show what a really good side we are – that’s how it’s always been for me in these games and none more so than at Ibrox.

“In the games at Ibrox we’ve played very well. They’ll be looking to probably play better than what they did in their last sort of pressure game, which was against Hibs, when Hibs played very well and won the game, so they’ll look to play better than that.

“But I can only control our own group and that’s something we’ll concentrate on. We’re a group that has always liked to do our talking on the pitch and that’s something which, hopefully, we will continue to do.”

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