Lucas Moura To Join Man Utd As Mourinho Looks To Seal Transfer Deal

It’s time again for teams with faulty line ups to bolster their attack and any other not so good area in the team, this January all over the world we have managers working around the clock to get new hands on deck and by hands I mean men in boots,

Today we are looking at a possible transfer of bundesliga star to Manchester united.

With current state of the Manchester united squad Mourinho will certainly be given the Lucas Moura move a lot of work to make it a reality.

Man Utd have agreed to pay £22.1m for Lucas Moura move to seal the deal with Paris Saint Germain being that he has agreed to move to Old Trafford this January.

Personally, I think Moura will want this move having fallen out of play this season and has had very little appearances in the Ligue 1 and is working out his move to rejuvenate his career.

Unai Emery has picked other players

like Kylian Mbappe, Di Maria and Neymar over Lucas Moura in the starting line up so it is not a shock if the Bundesliga star is opting for a move to get back on track in his career.

Tides have turned on Lucas Moura who snubbed Man Utd in 2013 when he moved to PSG but it looks like he has no choice with his position in Ligue 1, also Jose Mourinho has named Moura as a key target this transfer season.

It’s getting closer to reality with Lucas Moura wanting the move to Manchester united all that is left is the big step of agreeing a fee between PSG and Manchester united this transfer season.

However, Manchester united is ready to offer a fee in the range of £22.1m for the Brazilian International to PSG and I personally think that’s a good offer.

Lucas Moura move shouldn’t be too much of a stress for Manchester united with the players current condition in his club and the need to offload some players in PSG to meet the rules of financial fair play and he is one of the players the team wants to let go so his move shouldn’t be too difficult.

If Lucas Moura works on his fringe status he is seen as a potential midfielder in the team possibly to replace Mkhitaryan, Mourinho has new ideas and wants to add to team tactics and play and he believes Lucas Moura is a part of his creativity.

The Brazilian International is looking for a spot at the starting line up in the club and his national team for the World Cup so Moura would be looking towards the move to bolster his play and increase his ranks so it should be a win win deal for PSG and Lucas Moura if Manchester united gets his signature this transfer season.

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